AML News February 2021

The project has reached a new milestone following the drafting of the documents that make up the project’s Task 2: the EU Training programme (which is expected to be used for future training on AML/CTF), and the trainers’ and users’ manuals. Whereas the trainers’ manuals focuses on the learning outcomes and the methodology to be implemented in training in this field, the users’ manual aims to provide lawyers with a full picture of their obligations and rights under the EU legislation on AML/CTF.

Similarly, preparatory work has started on organising the project’s training events. The first training event is the train-the-trainers, which will take place in April 2021. The objective is to train trainers from various EU Member States on how to conduct training on AML/CTF. In May 2021, we will start the training events for lawyers themselves, in which lawyers will receive training on AML/CTF through the holding of three regional events with the participation of lawyers from different Member States. Two of the training events will be conducted in English and one in French. The selection of participants in all training events will be undertaken by national Bars and Law Societies. Videos of the three lawyer training events will be published in due course, so that lawyers who did not take part in the training events also have access to valuable training material.